Our Brand Story

Genevia Skin Solution harnesses the power of nature and advanced scientific research in stem cell and EGF to improve skin care and boost skin elasticity and collagen growth. Our goal is to explore the best from science and nature in providing quality products that make our customer regain their youthful look and ooze with class. We are dedicated to distributing the best products that make skin more radiant and healthy. All our anti-aging products have gained patents in US, China, and Taiwan and have been well liked by our customers. At Genevia Skin Solution, we have the mandate to diligently serve our “Genevia Lady” leveraging our expertise and advanced scientific research with sophisticated technologies.

Our Philosophy

Just as our cells are all connected, so are the rest of us—mind, body and spirit. What affects one, affects the other. We believe in technology but we also believe in the power of these connections. That’s why we advocate a holistic approach: research-proven products and treatments, while making sure it is free from harmful ingredients to our Earth and to your skin. From our products—we make great skin happen through nature and science.

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Distributing With Us

The demand for Genevia Skin Solution is growing and therefore we are excited to know that you like our products. We offer business partners distributorship, reseller rights and salon-use rights for our range of products. This includes support to marketing including initial product training, materials and aids, branding and marketing guidelines.

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If our customers are happy with their skin, we will be happier. Here are just some of the few glowing reviews by our clients and publications. Enjoy the read!

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