Benefits of Dendrobium Candidum Deep Hydrating Mask

Experience cell renewal with Genevia's dendrobium candidum hydrating mask. This masks contains EGF, the abbreviation of Epidermal Growth Factor. EGF possesses antioxidant properties that effectively accelerates cell renewal process and as a result visibly improves skin texture and drastically reducing the skin's aging process. It also encourages healthy cellular turnover and helps to achieve supple and healthy skin. This mask uses the latest technology of Bio Cellulose Fiber, which is 4 times stronger than normal sheet masks. Together with patented liposome deep penetrating technology, this mask is able to attract and retain fluid in greater capacity and to penetrate into the bottom of your skin. During 15 minutes of masking, you might start to feel that the mask is getting dry. Do not worry! It is due to the fact that your skin is absorbing the essence directly. You can massage the essence in for complete absorption.

What's our key ingredents

Dendrobium Candidum

Dendrobium Candidum is also known as "Tie Pi Shi Hu" in Mandarin. It is highly regarded as the No.1 of the 9 Chinese immortality herbs, Known for nourishment to the skin. Dendrobium candidum hydrates, nourishes, and provides whitening effects to your skin

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

This is Nobel Prize winning ingredient. EGF contains proteins that accelerate the effective cell renewal process. It is the core of our skincare ingredient for skin rejuvenation. EGF possesses antioxidant properties that promote collagen production, cell turnover, and boost collagen growth

Patent and Lab Test

Cell renewal in just 20 minutes!

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